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Brad Davison Has Been A Bright Spot For Wisconsin Basketball

It’s been a tough season for the Wisconsin Basketball team. But through his toughness, leadership, and skills, Brad Davison has been a huge bright spot for the Badgers.

This Wisconsin Basketball season has been an epic disaster. The Badgers are 5-7, have been blown out twice at home by rivals, and have already lost Kobe King for the season and Dโ€™Mitrik Trice indefinitely. But there have been some positives, namely Brad Davison.

The emergence of the freshman phenom has been arguably the biggest bright spot in an otherwise dark season.

In a lot of ways, Davison is your typical Wisconsin glue guy. Famous College Basketball writer Mark Titus even dubbed him โ€œBrad Buzzcutโ€, because he apparently seems like every Wisconsin glue guy rolled into one.

He is scrappy, smart, and reliable. He defends hard. He is a terrific leader, both vocally and by example. Davison is always the one pumping up his teammate after a big play. And oh yeah, he takes charges. A lot of them. According to Wisconsin Basketballโ€™s charge meter, he has already drawn 12 this season, which is an average of a charge drawn per game.

Davison is also extremely tough. He may have gotten it from his football days. You may not have known this, but Davison was actually a really good high school quarterback in Minnesota. Announcers usually donโ€™t mention that (insert sarcasm emoji). But whatever the case, Davison is one of the toughest players in college basketball.

Against Baylor, he hurt his left shoulder and had to come out of the game. It seemed like the type of injury that would keep him out for multiple games. But he checked in a few plays later and acted like nothing even happened.

When he went down grabbing the same shoulder against Ohio State, it looked like he could be out for a while, maybe even the season. He was back in a few plays later.

Against Western Kentucky, Davison landed on the foot of a Hilltopper defender on a jump shot and came up limping. Fox Announcer Tim Brando even said that most players wouldnโ€™t be able to stay in. But Davison isnโ€™t most players. Not only did he stay in, but he kept diving for loose balls, taking charges, and doing Davison things.

But Davison also isnโ€™t just the typical Wisconsin glue guy. He has drawn a lot of comparisons to Josh Gasser and Zak Showalter, but Davison is a much more talented offensive player than them.

Davison has the strength and ball handling to draw a ton of fouls. He is a lights out three-point shooting, hitting at a 43% clip. He also the ability to create and make tough shots at the end of shot clocks. In fact, the way he plays on offense is a bit similar to former Wisconsin star Jordan Taylor.

Leadership, toughness, and motor are nothing new at Wisconsin. But all of those intangibles combined with being the second best offensive playmaker on the team? That is special. This season may have been rough, but knowing UW has a stud like Davison back for the next three seasons takes the sting away.


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