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Who do Wisconsin Badgers turn to in 2018 QB recruiting now?

Wisconsin needs a second QB in the 2018 class as Bryant and Badgers part ways. Whom does UW turn to?

Earlier last week we started our series of recruiting breakdowns with a look at the quarterback position. At the time it appeared as if everything was good to go for the Wisconsin Badgers.

That all changed on Friday night, as the Badgers parted ways with three-star quarterback Ben Bryant. It was a messy situation, with the Badgers looking petty at times and the reality of just wanting to move on likely setting in.

Wisconsin cooled on Bryant for some reason or reasons we are likely to never really know. But, knowing Paul Chryst and Co., they have a plan in place to get that second quarterback commitment in place. They wouldn’t have dumped Bryant from his offer without a goal in mind.

Having Chase Wolf in the fold certainly made things easier, but whom do the Badgers turn to for that second commitment?

One has to start with the players that were already on UW’s board, and with Bryant’s offer being pulled perhaps the writing is on the wall with one of the two players UW was really in the mix for previously.

The first name seems obvious, as the second spot came down to Wolf and Jacksonville, Fla. product Carter Bradley. It seemed like a game of commitment chicken between the two, but it was Wolf who’s recruitment was to be over first.

Bradley is still wide open in his recruitment and has readily indicated he still has major interest in the Badgers program. Does that interest change with the knowledge of what went down with Bryant? According to a report from our recruiting partners at Badger247, Bradley has high interest ($) in the program and if UW reaches out it could be an easy commitment to make.

However, one of the more intriguing situations could come from a name that was at the top of UW’s board back in December.

Again, the Badgers put the squeeze on a two-quarterback situation and it was Bryant that was ready to commit over four-star signal caller Jack Tuttle from Mission Hills (San Marcos, Calif.) High School.

Since then, Tuttle has committed to Utah but has been open in his recruiting process. Back in December Tuttle made it clear he had no problem being part of a two-quarterback class. He’s also very open to suitors at this point. He’s thrown for Alabama and picked up an offer from Arizona in the past few months.

Will a spot in the Badgers quarterback room be enough to lure him away from a commitment he’s already made? It isn’t like the Badgers to just start going hard after a player who is committed unless said player makes it know he wants to be recruited.

If anything happens with the Badgers and Tuttle, it will happen only because Tuttle wants it to. Don’t count on this one happening though, instead, I’d look at Bradley as the easy option here.

Should Bradley also be turned off, Wisconsin certainly has time this summer to come up with another player they want to get an offer out to. Having Jon Budmayr out on the recruiting trail exclusively looking at quarterbacks will also help.

Andy Coppens is the Founder and Publisher of Talking10. He's a member of the Football Writers Association of America (FWAA) and has been covering college sports in some capacity since 2008. You can follow him on Twitter @AndyOnFootball


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