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Wisconsin Basketball Easily Beats UW-Green Bay

A recap, observations, and game grades from Wisconsin Basketball’s win over UW-Green Bay.

Despite Wisconsin’s season struggles, they were still expected to beat in-state rival UW-Green Bay fairly easy. The Badgers delivered, cruising to an 81-60 win. Wisconsin started out strong, hitting their first nine shot attempts of the game. They never looked back.

The Badgers were led by Brad Davison, who finished with 18 points on 50% shooting. Ethan Happ had a very Happ-like game, scoring 14 points and 8 rebounds on 7/9 shooting. Khalil Iverson chipped in 12, Aleem Ford and Nate Reuvers had 9, and Brevin Pritzl had 6.

Next up, the Badgers continue the easy stretch of their schedule with a home game against Chicago State on November 27th.

Brad Davison is a different type of Badger guard

In a lot of ways, Davison is a very typical Wisconsin Badger guard. He shoots three-pointers well. He is calm, collected and poised. He is tough and takes a ton of charges. But Davison is also on of the rare Wisconsin guards that can use his ball handling and strength to get to the rim off the dribble consistently. He showed that off in full force today, with most of his team-high 18 points coming at the rim.

The fall of Andy Van Vliet

In Wisconsin’s first game of the season, the 7-foot Belgian center started and had a game-high 18 points. Just a month later, he is completely out of the rotation. Today, he came in alongside walk-on Matt Ferris with two minutes remaining, making him the last available scholarship player to enter the game. When he came in, you could immediately see why Gard originally had him as a starter, and then why he benched him. In two short minutes, Van Vliet hit a beautiful fade-away jump shot and a three-pointer to give him five points. He also got beat on defense rather easily. That is the story of Van Vliet’s Badger career. If he had even a little bit of toughness or defensive effort, he could have been a star in Madison.


Brad Davison: A-

He struggled from beyond the arc, but was terrific in all other facets of the game. 

Brevin Pritzl: B+

He did a little bit of everything. He had 6 points, 7 rebounds, 4 assists, 3 steals, 2 turtle doves and a block.

Khalil Iverson: B

He had 12 points without missing a shot, but coughed the ball up four times.

Aleem Ford: B

He had a very efficient 9 points, but could have been more aggressive.

Ethan Happ: A-

He was his usual efficient, reliable self. 

Nate Reuvers: B+

I know the Jon Leuer comparison gets thrown around a lot, but Reuvers deserves it. He is so gifted. The sky is the limit.

Walt McGrory: B

He turned the ball over twice, but for the most part played good defense and made smart decisions.

T.J Schlundt: C

He was pretty invisible for the most part. Unless he has an open three-pointer, he isn’t going to do much except continue to pass the ball, which is fine.



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