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Wisconsin Basketball Prediction Contest

Answer 21 questions about how you think Wisconsin Basketball’s season will go to win a prize.

With Wisconsin Basketball season under a week away, we decided to try something new. We’re going to have a preseason prediction contest to see who is the smartest Badger fan out there. First place- which will likely be me 🙂 – will win a free shirt from the talking10 store, along with bragging rights over the rest of us.

There will be 20 prop bet type questions, and whoever guesses the most correctly will win. The tiebreaker is the last question. Submit your answers in the comment section with your full name. Okay, let’s do this!

Season Success Questions

1. Non-Conference Wins: Over/Under 7.5

2. Losses to Non-Power Six teams: Over/Under .5

3. Conference Rank: 4th or better/ 5th or worse

4. NCAA Tournament Seed: Better/Worse 7.5

5. NCAA Tournament Wins: Over/Under 1.5

Player Awards

6. Ethan Happ First Team All-American? Yes/No

7. Number of Badgers on 1st, 2nd, or 3rd Team All-Big Ten: Over/Under 1.5

8. Will a Badger win 6th man or DPOY in the Big Ten? Yes/No

Player Stats

9. Ethan Happ three-point attempts: Over/Under 20

10. Will Ethan Happ lead the Badgers in points, assists, rebounds, steals, and blocks? Yes/No

11. D’Mitrik Trice points per game: Over/Under 9

12. Brevin Pritzl three-point percentage: Over/Under 42%

13. More points per game: Iverson/Van Vliet

14. More total minutes: Illikainen/Ford

15. Charles Thomas rebounds per game: Over/Under 4

16. Kobe King points per game: Over/Under 8

17. Ethan Happ free throw percentage: Over/Under 63%


18. Will a Wisconsin player transfer in the middle of the season? Yes/No

19. Greg Gard technical fouls: Over/Under 1.5

20. Number of players that start a game for the Badgers: Over/Under 6.5


21. Total Brad Davison drawn charges + steals per game + points per game + assists per game + rebounds per game: #



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