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Badgers 2018 recruiting class superlatives

Wisconsin closes out its 2018 class by adding safety Rachad Wildgoose Jr. to the mix, but what were the biggest takeaways from the 2018 class for UW?

When last we met on a national signing day, the Badgers had everyone in the fold. Then a spot opened up and the Badgers waded in to the deep waters of South Florida and the Southeast in general to find the final piece to the puzzle.

The final 2018 national signing period was Wednesday, and Wisconsin was in on the annual hat dance, getting a commitment from 3-star cornerback/safety Rachad Wildgoose Jr. out of Miami (Fl.) Northwestern. That was the extent of Wisconsin’s intrigue for February’s national signing day, but it was a nice addition for a cornerback group that will have plenty of reps to go around this spring and fall.

With Wildgoose Jr. in the mix, the Badgers class was complete and with that we have a full chance to look in to the 2018 recruiting cycle for Wisconsin. So, let’s dive in to the good, the bad and everything in between for UW’s 2018 class.

Biggest Get: Donte Burton

It may be easy to say that getting the lone 247Sports composite 4-star player (Jack Sanborn) in the mix would be tops of the list. However, Sanborn isn’t the biggest get. Instead, that belongs to Donte Burton, who the Badgers plucked from the talent-rich state of Georgia. The 3-star cornerback has the size the Badgers are looking for (6-0, 174lbs.) and possesses an attitude that could see him in the mix for playing time the second he steps on campus. Wisconsin had to beat out a number of other big name schools to secure Burton’s verbal and then signature back in December — schools like Oklahoma State, Oregon, Iowa State, Kansas State, Indiana, Nebraska, Virginia Tech and 20 other schools. Winning this battle could shape the future of UW’s cornerback position. Given the need and the player, this is an easy choice for me.

Biggest Miss: Jack Plumb (Iowa)

This one is three-fold for me, as Plumb comes from my high school alma mater (and the same one as Alec Ingold and Cole Van Lanen), was a bright in-state prospect and was lost to a Big Ten West division rival. Wisconsin didn’t have a ton of room for offensive line in this class, as only Michigan 3-star tackle Michael Furtney got a spot in the class, but Plumb is one of the more intriguing prospects the state of Wisconsin had to offer. It’s likely that once Aron Cruickshank made his commitment to the Badgers, Plumb’s spot was gone, but this loss stings. Plumb was a dominant offensive line player with great athleticism for his size. He’s also currently dominating on the basketball court for what its worth. That said, his recruitment didn’t take off until late and that likely hurt him with having a spot available at Wisconsin. Let’s just hope it doesn’t come back to bite the Badgers in the future.

Most Intriguing Player: Aron Cruickshank

There’s no doubt who the most athletic player in the 2018 class is, as Cruickshank is easily the winner. He’s lightning fast, has great hip movement and can play a lot of different positions. However, Cruickshank went a bit under the radar thanks to his size (5-9, 155lbs.) and that worked to Wisconsin’s advantage. With a quality stable of wide receivers in the fold for the next few years, Cruickshank can work on adding bulk to his frame, but shouldn’t lose any of that speed that has so many looking forward to what he can bring to the Badgers. Think A.J. Taylor, only faster and more dangerous in the slot. If he can live up to the potential that is on his high school highlight film, a lot of programs are going to be pissed they didn’t recruit him or recruit him harder. When the likes of Georgia, Michigan, Ohio State and Penn State are all verbally offering, the talent is serious. Such was the case with Cruickshank and it will be interesting to see how quickly he gets on the field.

Development Name to Watch in 3 Years: Jaylan Franklin

Few programs in the country put a bigger emphasis on the tight end position than the Badgers do. The 2018 season will represent a new era for the position as All-American Troy Fumagalli is off to the NFL. But, a name that should intrigue people down the road is in the 2018 recruiting class. Franklin is one of four signees from the state of Michigan, a significant change in recruiting success in that state to say the least. He’s also perhaps the most raw of all four of those players, coming in at 6-5 and just under 200 pounds. Franklin is a fast player at the tight end position and could give UW the pure split-tight end they’ve been looking for since Travis Beckum was last in Madison. However, he’s got plenty of work to do to get on the field. Look for his name in two or three years time.

Overall Thoughts:

Wisconsin has made a huge leap in terms of becoming more of a national recruiting brand. The good news is that the Badgers coaching staff also know where their bread is buttered so to speak and have done a great job of keeping the in-state talent in state. Sure, a ranking of No. 44 nationally is not earth-moving for this program and in some ways is a step back, but overall I really like what the Badgers were able to accomplish in this class.

Getting a player out of a powerhouse program like Miami Northwestern late in the process was impressive. It also says a lot about Rachad Wildgoose that they went all in for him despite some bigger names still on the board. Wisconsin continues to make the right connections in South Florida and Texas and it will be interesting to see how this class grows at UW and how much its recent recruiting wins (and wins on the field) move the Badgers up the recruiting ranks. (Hint, it’s starting off pretty well in 2019)

Andy Coppens is the Founder and Publisher of Talking10. He's a member of the Football Writers Association of America (FWAA) and has been covering college sports in some capacity since 2008. You can follow him on Twitter @AndyOnFootball


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